Ram Bansal

Ayurveda Student, Political Revolutionary, and Creator


Here you are on my site with three most important aspects of my life - politics. poetry and wellness.

I come from a family of revolutionaries hence revolution is in my blood with political revolution as an objective.

Have been studying Vaidic Sanskrit and Ayurveda from original Vaidic scriptures to discover secrets of longevity hence set a target for the self to achieve a lifespan of 250 years.

Additionally, I create Poetry and Essays to convey my feelings and thoughts

India is passing through a crisis today due manipulative tactics by a religiously polluted organization - RSS, working through two criminal minded individuals - Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, who have captured political power through rigging of parliamentary elections using Electronic Voting Machines in collaboration with the Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora.

The duo in power has looted all the money of the nation making the economy dry of any liquidity in circulation. As a result, industrial establishments are collapsing leading to mass scale unemployment and downfall of Indian Rupee and spirally increasing prices of essential commodities in the country. Economics is beyond their capability of understanding and management, hence they have come up with ideas for troubling people for display of their authoritarianism - National Register of Citizenship, and Citizenship Amendment Act. Whole nation is thus put on a war path with people opposing the duo.

A human-being must be governed by his logical mind but none can ignore their emotional heart. Poetry is the best means of communication of the emotions. In free mood, I do compose poetry sometimes.

Being away from industrial fields where I spent creamy years of my life, for living in a remote village for peace of mind, I jumped over to study of Ayurveda which promises a human lifespan of up to 1,000 years. For my delayed entry into the field, I have chosen a lifespan of 250 years for myself with application of secrets provided in Vedic scripture Bhavaprakash on Ayurveda.

Here you would find glimpses of these three aspects of my life.



B.Sc - Agra University, 1967

B. E, (Electrical) - University of Roorkee, 1971

Work experience

1995 to Present


1986 to 1995

Freelance Consulting Engineer

1980 to 1986

Metal Tubes Pvt. Ltd, Panipat (Haryana)

Works Manager

1977 to 1980

Indian Tube Company Ltd, Jamshedpur (Bihar)

Head Electrical, CR & ERW Plants

1972 to 1977

Durgapur Steel Plant, Durgapur (WB)

Gaduate Engineer

Missions of Life

To have a lifespan of 250 years adopting secrets of Ayurveda provided in Vedic scripture Bhaavaprakaash

To cleans India of dirty politics through direct involvement,

To create poetry to the best of my capabilities.

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