भारत में कोरोना रोगी लक्षण-विहीन क्यों कहे जा रहे हैं ?

भारत में कोरोना संक्रमण नियंत्रण से बाहर हो गया है, केवल सरकार की लापरवाही से, जिसका एक मात्र लक्ष्य कोरोना संकट के लिए मुसलमानों को दोषी ठहराना है, जब कि उनका जो भी दोष रहा होगा उसमें सरकार की पूरी भागीदारी रही . उनका कोई भी कार्यक्रम सरकार की अनुमति के बिना संपन्न नहीं हुआ था .

अभी दो दिन से मोदी प्रशंसा के विडियो सोशल मीडिया पर छा गए हैं, भक्त लोग विभिन्न समूहों में घुस कर इन विडियो को प्रसारित कर रहे हैं. यह अकारण नहीं है, मोदी ने कोरोना संकट के सम्बन्ध में देश एवं देश के लोगों के विरुद्ध जो अपराध किये हैं वे अक्षम्य हैं, भक्त इन अपराधों को ढकने का प्रयास कर रहे हैं.

दो दिन पहले ही कहा गया कि ICMR ने चीन से जो टेस्ट किट खरीदी हैं वे घटिया हैं, स्वस्थ लोगों को संक्रमित और रोगियों को स्वस्थ बता रही हैं. यदि यह सच है तो परीक्षण करना पूर्णतः व्यर्थ है. परीक्षण के बारे में परम सत्य यह है कि भारत सरकार इस विषय में गंभीर नहीं है, इसलिए परीक्षण नगण्य किये जा रहे हैं और जो किये जा रहे हैं वे विश्वसनीय नहीं हैं.

परीक्षणों की अविश्वसनीयता और संक्रमण की लक्षण-विहीनता का अर्थ यह होता है कि सरकार के हाथ एक ऐसा शस्त्र लग गया है जिसके माध्यम से शासक-प्रशासक किसी भी व्यक्ति की संक्रमित घोषित कर उसे मृत्यु शय्या तक पहुंचा सकते हैं. इससे सरकार मुस्लिमों और विरोधियों से सरलता से निपट सकती है.

इसी विषयक दूसरा पहलू यह है कि इस समय देश के ४० करोड़ लोग भूख और कोरोना के दोहरे संकट से जूझ रहे हैं, उन्हें सहायता की तुरंत आवश्यकता है, इस संकट काल में सरकार ने जो दान पाया है, उसे मोदी ने अपने व्यक्तिगत अधिकार में ले लिया है, जिससे कि वह जीवन-पर्यंत प्रधान मंत्री पद पर बना रह सके. धन के माध्यम से वह शासन प्रशासन को अपने अधीन करने में सफल रहा है और उसे आशा है कि आगे भी ऐसा ही होगा.

The Worst Tragedy of Human History

Worldwide, spread of Corona virus has killed hundreds of thousand persons hence is considered a huge tragedy, but Rulers in India have created a worse tragedy for people of working class in the country affecting nearly 400 million people across the country while Corona virus is also active and spreading killing more people. We would be dealing the whole issue in two sections - the villain and the victims.

The Villain Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister of India in 2014 and manipulated his return to power in 2019. In these 6 years of being in power, he has displayed not only to Indians but to the people across the globe that he is too foolish to serve a huge nation as Prime Minister his fanciful choices of dressing like a filmstar during shooting, foreign trips to cover the whole globe, princely lifestyle at public cost, and most importantly public oration of falsehoods all the time.

Politically, Modi is a tyrant comparable to Adolf Hitler having a deep-rooted hatred for Muslims and poor people of India for his lifelong training under the well known terrorist organization called RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). The organization is devoted to convert India into a Hindu nation by eliminating its non-Hindu population through hook or crook.

His lust for power and wealth comes to peak on his pocketing all the donated money in many trillion Rupees for helping the nation in fighting against Corona pandemic. Medical staff was deprived of protective gears and medicines leading to their catching infection and dying, increasing fuel prices when international crude price is crashing, ordering opening of alcoholic liquor shops for excise revenue when people across the country are dying for their bellies deprived of food, etc.

Economic disaster of India

Worst affected by Modi as Prime Minister of India are Public Sector Commercial Banks which were commanded by Modi and his cronies to advance loans to their friends liberally, asked the friends to leave the country with the borrowed money, and then writing off such loans thus canceling all the misappropriation charges against the borrowers. In six years of power, Modi overwrite loans to the tune of Rs 2,200 millions, thus bringing banking industry to collapse.

Central Bank of India – Reserve Bank of India, that controls all the financial matters of the Nation has been forced to provide Rs 200 trillion to his government, a first ever deal in independent India, obviously for misspending and misappropriations by Modi and friends.

Since independence, Governments of India had been investing on Public Sector Undertakings for self reliance in products and proper use of available resources. Such undertaking are also being devoid of their reserves and working capital for more revenues to the government. Some such undertakings have been sold out too at throw away prices.

Misspending of Public Money

Installing of statues with hefty commission for himself, foreign trips, government advertisements in news media for personal aggrandizement, his own security, his grand shows in public speaking, and most importantly his services to Ambani and Adani are a few important expenditure heads where public money has been drained out by Modi during his six years of regimen.

The money he pockets through such misspending, he buys Members of Legislative Assemblies for forming BJP governments in States, with a dream of remaining in power until his last breathe.

Modi Style of Functioning

Modi is the purest form of authoritarianism under which he consults none in his Party, Parliament, Ministry or Administration while taking a decision and immediate announcing it to public. Hence, all his decisions lead to failures and miseries for people of India. Though, he enjoys support of a cohesive Party, loyal Parliamentarians, a huge Ministry of about 50 members, and a loyal Administrative Officials with none allowed to function, share responsibilities, or announcements in public. Thus, everybody around him remains a dummy.

Demonetization has been his worst decision causing a loss of Rs 9,000 trillion to the nation with immense miseries including deaths of people. His even worse decision is declaration of a sudden lockdown for facing Corona pandemic, we are to discuss here.

Wrong Prorities of the Government

The first case of Corona infection was detected on January 30, 2020 and the government was advised to get prepared for fighting the virus. But the one-man government had other priorities in hand –

Buying of M.P. MLAs for forming BJP government in the state,

Getting prepared with all grandeur for Namaste Trump program in Ahamedabad thus making arrangements to welcome and stay of a huge number of people from USA in India. USA is one of the worst sufferers from Corona killing about 150 million persons. In-spite of this, none coming from USA for the program was checked for infection.

Under shadow of the above-said grandeur, BJP leaders along with Delhi Police organized massive violence against North-East Delhi killing persons and burning their properties. The violence continued for 3 days followed by arrest and booking of Muslim youths for participating in the violence.

Even after finishing with these engagements, the Government took no step for gearing up their medical services with all the essential gear and medicines for facing the Corona pandemic. medical staff engaged in the service were not provided with protective coats, masks, sanitizer, Test kit, etc, hence they picked up infection and began falling sick and dead.

Then all of a sudden, it was decided to import everything from China, the source of the virus. In response, they dumped their third grade stuff in India through multiple middlemen. A test kit with a price of Rs 225 reached Indian government for Rs 600 each. Though medical experts of ICMR were involved in the purchase, the test kits failed in performance hence returned back.

More than 2 months passed without any concrete step by the Government for combating Corona. During this period, what the Government did proved disastrous to the people of India. 15,00,000 Indians living in foreign countries suffering with Corona virus were airlifted to India free of charge and left free to spread the virus across the country.

The Victims

On March 23, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced lockdown across the country with immediate effect with closure of all transport services - including Railways, and closure of shops that met daily needs of people, and without making any preparations for Medical staff or the people directly affected by the lock-down – the migrant workforce of the nation.

Migrant Workforce

India has a population imbalance - abundance of people where there is no industrial development hence unemployment while industrially developed places don’t have enough people to work hence scarcity of workforce. There are two reasons for this imbalance – bad leadership concentrating industrial development in a few pockets, and higher population growth in economically backward areas. This imbalance is taken care of by migration of huge population from backward to developed places. Population dependent for survival on such migrated workforce is estimated to be around 400 million. This population has been made to suffer by inept handling of situation that arose due to Corona virus by those in power.

The migrated workforce, apart from providing precious skilled and semiskilled manpower to industry and business, provides essential services to affluent urban people all over the country. For example, nurses from Kerala may be found performing their duties in every nook and corner of the country, Bihar and Eastern U.P provide for newspaper, milk, and mobile eatable vendors across the country. Newly carved Telangana, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh states provide workforce of varied nature in homes, offices and business establishments.

Across the country, 400 million individuals including women and children are dependent for their survival on this migrant workforce of the nation. So any hardship of these puts 400 million persons in trouble making their survival questionable.

The Tragedy of Migration

Since there was no work for the workforce hence no income for survival at places away from their homes, they needed to go to their homes ranging from a few hundred kilometers to about 2,000 km. Finding no service for their transportation, they began moving on foot with their essential luggage, women and children. On the way, local police would beat them mercilessly, treat them with abuses and make them to fled away leaving their belongings. I became natural for the police personnel to snatch from the migrant people whatever they had for meeting their on-the-way needs.

Every industrial place had a huge number of people stuck-uo or beginning their marches on foot in all possible directions. Whole idea of lock-down became meaningless to them. On hearing even a rumor of finding a vehicle, they used to assemble in thousands meeting with ultimate disappointments. Many found no food for days and collapsed. Claim of the governments of providing food proved only partially true limited to certain pockets only while the problem had universal existence in urban India.

Total number of people thus willing to reach their homes is estimated to be around 100 million with only 10 percent of them dared to move on foot towards their homes. The governments remained silent spectators to the tragedy of people said to be voters for formation of the governments. About 50 days of turmoil in the productive workforce of the nation was watched with usual patience by Narendra Modi as the only person representing his government on all issues. No member of the legislature of the ministry has ever been seen speaking of the problem of the people.

What the so-called government did during this period of turmoil has been to arrest those raising public grievances - particularly Muslims, and putting them behind bars. Seeing no solution of solving problem of migration, Mrs Sonia Gandhi President of Indian National Congress offered to pay for fares of moving people to their homes. This was rejected by the government who declared that 85 percent of cost would be borne by the Central Government plus the balance by the State government concerned. But this proved only a declaration with nothing done materially. The government of India allowed train services across the nation’s major cities for carrying people but only after they pay now-enhanced fares. It has been obvious to the people in authority that the workforce remaining without any work and wages for these 50 days have no money left with them for paying the fare. Even then, they borrowed from their known persons and bought the tickets for their journeys to their homes. But not all could afford this, hence are stuck up or moving on foot.

Misconduct by the Government

Government of India got huge donations from generous businesspersons and others for fighting the Corona virus but PM Modi collected these donations into his PM-CARES trust making the funds his personal property, hence didn’t spend even a penny on public welfare for fighting the virus.

The Government asked the World Bank for a 1 billion Dollar loan for fighting Corona and helping poor people while they remain without work, but the government is not doing even the bare minimum what it promised to the World Bank and saving the public money for misspending on personal aggrandizing of the Prime Minister with a dream of remaining in power forever.