Critical Notes

Congress Presidency

For a longtime, Indian National Congress (INC) has been headed by members of Nehru family for the reason that the family controls most of the financial assets of the Party. Since the last time resignation of Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) from Presidency f the Party, his mother has been heading the Party as a temporary measure until a new incumbent is searched out. Many across the Nation and inside the Party are of the opinion that RaGa takes over the Presidency again which he has been refusing.

No doubt that Congress only is in a position to come to power to replace demonic misrule by BJP hence all thse opposed to BJP are looking for Congress to come up as a viable alternative to BJP. This is possible only if Congress widens its impression on the people of India as a better alternative to BJP. This can be achieved through the Party having a new President with an image just opposed to the BJP's Modi of ruling the nation through falsehoods, financial misappropriations. and imprisonment of all those opposed to BJP.

As a general perception, 'politics' has come up as a dirty word which most of the people dislike but can't go without it for forming the governments. Hence, Congress must change its image from being purely political to intellectualism, achievable through having an intellectual as the President of the Party. Old generations may recall the best Ministry of Indira Gandhi after her return to power after Emergency, that was composed of mostly non-political personalities of the Nation.

Incidentally, we have a well-known Economist supporting INC who best fits the position of Congress Presidency and that person is none other than Dr Raghuram Rajan, Ex-governor of RBI.