Seed of Love

So lonesome

Forgotten I was alive

You came with honeyed lips

Shaken me to claim

My life back from the hive

I am awake for

Feel of your fragrance around

Senses revived

Now live with your rhythmic sound

Wish to live forever

Sipping the nectar of love -

You are an ocean of

Live me and love me

But never go off

Don't leave me, my dear!

Counted dead again

My life is yours

Let dead body others claim

With you, don't want

A life with a mission

But make life itself a mission

To exhibit to others

That we are here forever

We need to train ourselves

Into a way adopted never

Except by the divine we

For thousands of years from here

Of being on right path

Leading us towards our goal

Enriching our soul

For a never-ending furtherance

I wish an assurance

From you in a new role

We, The Workforce

Listen, O' Capitalists of India!

While Corona danger hanging on our heads,

You kicked on our empty bellies,

With no work, nothing to survive on,

You stopped all means of travel,

Pocketed all the money

Generous people donated to help us out of hunger,

Forced us to walk hundreds of miles to our homes,

With our women and children,

With nothing to eat, nothing to cover our feet

Hundreds of us have died on the way,

Rest are sick and exhausted.

You are too busy with your Fascist agenda -

Of creating unemployment,

Of controlling all the wealth of the Nation,

Of keeping Judiciary under your thumb,

Of altering labor laws that protect our rights

Thus, forcing us to work

For longer duration with lower pay.

This is the trick to keep us sick,

Working for you for 12 hours a day,

Going to sleep exhausted and half belly

Getting up next Morning to work again,

Finding no time for thinking of our rights

Remaining unprepared forever for fights.

You have forgotten -

We create the wealth, you are so proud of.

Let me tell you the chronology -

The wrongs in your Fascist agenda -

You got money, that remains dead without work,

We are the workforce,

We can survive anywhere with our work

In agricultural fields to produce foods,

As vendors of essential goods,

As craftsmen utilizing local wastes,

But your money is of no value without us,

It has no feet to stand on,

It finds no soil to grow on.

Soon, the money would finish in its own bastion

But we would survive forever -

Generation after generation

- Azar

May 21, 2020

Salam my fairy

Salam my Fairy

Just now, saw a face, that altered my world,

Longed to touch her, my body n mind crossing sword..

A fragrance emanated from her, drenching my aura around.

Submerged in your fragrance, I am dumbfound.

*** *** ***

Today, on seeing you,

Felt we are not new in each others life

Your eyes are merciful, lips dressed with smile.

Vibrations in rosy lips shower flowers on the ground,

Your blush, splash of bluish all around.

*** *** ***

God doesn’t exist has been my firm belief,

Wonder angelic you providing me relief,

From my autumn of life,

Making me back to you, dreaming of a wife,

You are my God relieving me of all strife..

*** *** ***

You look at my fairy on peeping into a mirror,

She wears hairs of gold with skin of silver..

Let me tell why this fairy is on the Earth,

Seeing me in sobs, she played her worth.

*** *** ***

She is here just for me, hence mine,

For her company, I am back to smiles,

She kissed away my tears being so kind,,

Since then she resides always in my mind.

*** *** ***